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Minor Abroad

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During your study at Fontys you have the option to take a semester abroad. To do so, you can enrol for the Minor Study Abroad, enabling you to study at one of our partner universities. You can either choose for a Fontyswide partner or a Fontys School partner.
Besides that you can consider the minor Global Acting in IT.

Fontys School of ICT partners

  • FHICT has an exchange agreement with a large number of international partner schools.
  • Especially within Europe and increasingly with partner universities outside of Europe. 
  • You are almost sure of placement, due to the large number of partner schools. 

Fontyswide Partners

  • Partner contracts have been drawn up at Fontys level for all Fontys students.
  • These concern both non-European and European universities.
  • Students of all bachelor programmes are admissable, so at popular Fontyswide partner schools you have a smaller chance of placement.
  • Selection procedure for nomination at an available place is done at a central level with a strict deadline.


  • If none of the partner schools suit you, you can also decide to go to a self-chosen foreign university without a contract with Fontys. 
  • Choose the educational establishment and programme/subjects in consultation with this school.
  • You also arrange everything yourself, from enrolment and acceptance to proving the level and quality of education.
  • You often have to pay tuition fees in addition to those of Fontys.

Watch the video to find out more about these options:

“Application and selection in Mobility Online”

To apply for a minor abroad, registration through the online registration system Mobility Online is mandatory! 
Application Fall 2021 starts at 8 February (Mobility Online opens) with a deadline of 22 February 2021.
We advise to make two or three choices of partner institutions to secure best chances in selection procedure.
The links can be found on the Registration and Application page. 

Go to the Registration and Application page

Final call
Students who have missed the application deadline there is an escape. For only just one specific ICT school partner with an open place you can register in Mobility Online.
Urgent: send an email to or fill in the contact form at last Friday 26 March 2021 if you want to make use of this final option!

More info?
Join a workshop How To Go Abroad - minor to prepare your minor abroad.
New workshop dates will be planned Spring 2021.