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Do you want to broaden your horizon? Experience an unforgettable time abroad? Interested in international IT aspects, in foreign cultures? During your studies there are various options. We'd love to tell you about all this!

The Developing Global Minds programme of Fontys School of ICT with a focus on internationalisation wants to intensively introduce students to an international context. In international projects and international classrooms you will gain a global mind-set and increase international and/or intercultural competences and career options. With the right information about internationalisation we facilitate and stimulate going abroad for each student. Enjoy reading and orientation on your options!

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An Edubadge is a digital certificate in higher education for certain achievements. Edubadges can reflect standard school achievements as well as extracurricular achievements. Since 2022 students can obtain an extracurricular Edubadge in Global Acting (from 2023/2024 name will change in Edubadge Intercultural Development).

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"Good to improve your international and intercultural skills"

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International project week Calabria
Instagram take-over from Italy
Last call application Minor Study Abroad Spring24
Deadline 11 September

Obtain an Edubadge Global Acting


Students can achieve an Edubadge in Intercultural Development (formerly Global Acting) by engaging in activities that help them acquire additional knowledge, skills and experience working in an international and intercultural context. They can build up complete portfolio throughout their education at Fontys ICT, while participating in various activities at home and at international universities.
Students can apply for a badge by submitting their portfolio to the Intercultural Development examinators (Samuil Angelov, Roopali Gupta or Lucienne Wijgergangs). The portfolio should consist of a description of the international and intercultural study components and reflection on them and be sent by e-mail to one of the examiners.