Belgium Campus ITVersity - Pretoria, South Africa

Smart cities: Foodrescue South Africa: Nourishing communities

Urbanisation and the rising energy consumption requirements in South Africa has resulted in severe constraints to energy reserves. This has led to energy supply being switched off in stages throughout the country. Understanding the impact this has on the economy and the drive to implement renewable energy sources to combat this is of high importance. This week will see students innovate in the field of renewable energies.

The goal of this week will see students innovate in the renewable energy domain, using technologies and concepts of Internet Of Things to gather and analyse data from several sources, create models and implement concepts in a final prototype for demonstration.

Belgium Campus ITVersity - Heatherdale Pretoria, South Africa.

Also included:
Transport to and from the airport for all students arriving the day before the week starts. And departing a day after week is complete.
Entry into Pilanesberg Game reserve

Early registration deadline 15th December 2023.

Start date: Apr 7, 2024
End date: Apr 12, 2024
Costs: €300 (extras included)

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“Urban agriculture - Microgrids - Innovative Aquaculture”